How to annotate / add markup to a screenshot on a Mac

This post introduces how to annotate/ add markup to a screenshot on Mac.

Adding markup to a screenshot simply means adding things like text, underlines, circles, boxes, and arrows to the screenshot to further highlight or draw attention to certain details within the image. Markup is useful if you want to make quick notes for designers, make corrections to homework, or mark areas of interest within html code to website developers.

These steps show you how to add markup to screenshots without first saving the screenshot and then having to use image editing software:

  1. Hold the CTRL key while holding the command and SHIFT buttons. Press 3 for capturing the full screen, press 4 for a part of the screen, and press 4 followed by the spacebar for a window. This will hold the screenshot in the clipboard.
  2. Open the Preview application on your Mac and then using the following shortcut to view the image from the clipboard in Preview.
command +   N

3. Use the tools within Preview to make changes such as cropping the image, inserting caption text, and adding coloured shapes.

4. To copy the new edited image to clipboard before pasting into your email or document, press command +  A keys to select the full image and then press the command + C keys.



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