VPN setup on Ubuntu 16.04 (using Cisco AnyConnect client)

This post introduces how to setup VPN on Ubuntu  16.04 LTS using Cisco AnyConnect Client.

Step 1:  Download Cisco AnyConnect client.

Penn Stater can download at here.

Step 2: Extract the file(s) and install as root.

(1) extract the downloaded file;

(2) then cd to the extracted directory where it has an installation .sh file;

(3) then issue the following command to install Cisco AnyConnect Client:

$sudo ./AnyConnectInstall.sh 

# note your .sh file may have slight different name

Step 3:  Run the following command.

$ sudo apt-get install openconnect network-manager-openconnect-gnome

We need to issue this command to  show Cisco Compatible VPN in the list when we open network manager and add a new VPN.

Step 4:  Open Network Manager.


Step 5: Add a VPN in the Network Manager

Step6:  Choose Cisco AnyConnect Compatible VPN (openconnect) and click Create.

Step 7: Enter the following info

  • Connection name: Tech Services VPN [Note you can name this as you wish]
  • Gateway: vpn.its.psu.edu  [type in your vpn accordinly]

Click Save.

Step 8: Open Cisco Anyconnect client

Type your VPN address in the connect to textbox, and then enter your username and psw.

Then you are ready to go:)



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Cisco VPN client on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS




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