How to install Visual Studio Code text editor on Ubuntu 16.04

This post introduces how to install the nice text editor Visual Studio Code on Ubuntu.

Step 1: Install gdebi

Open a terminal and type the following command into your terminal.

$ sudo apt-get install gdebi
# use gdebi tool to install external *.deb packages like Visual Studio Code and Google Chrome.
# gdebi will automatically fetch and install all Visual Studio Code dependencies.

Step 2: Download Visual Studio Code


In your terminal, cd to the directory where you downloaded the file (for example, in my case, it is in my Downloads folder.)

Step 3: Install Visual Studio Code

$ sudo gdebi code_1.15.1-1502903936_amd64.deb
# your downloaded version might be different from mine, so change it to #your .deb file

Step 4: Click “Search your computer” icon on your tool bar, and type in Visual Studio Code, you will see it’s installed on your Ubuntu.

Step 5: Right click the Visual Studio Code icon on your tool bar and pick Lock to Launcher, your are ready to use your Visual Studio Code editor on your Ubuntu 16.04:)


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